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Deep Cycle vs. Dual Purpose
Monday 20th of August 2012
One question asked regularly is what type of battery should be purchased for the Encore pedal electric boat or Electric boat models. There are so...
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Nauticraft is the Gold Rush of pedal boats

The best pedal boats I have ever seen or used. There was a short piece written about them in Recumbent News a few years ago as I recall. In any event these are expensive, but really top grade boats. Well designed with unbelievable performance. Several years ago the guy who developed them took one to Newport, RI to the Small Boat Show and challenged all others to a race that was out to a buoy and back. Kayaks, sea skiffs, shells, you name it, all entered the competition. The Nauticraft handily beat the field. Then one of the guys in a shell wanted to try it. He was an Olympian and could not believe this goofy pedal boat with a fat guy in it beat him. He bested his own time over the course by almost 1 full minute on his first attempt.

- Bill


Thursday 16th of July 2009

Nauticraft is proud to announce Sea Lark Sales will be participating in the "Going...Going...GREEN Weekend Trade Show" sponsored by the Detroit Tigers at Comerica Park July 25th and 26th from Noon to 8pm. The Encore Pedal Electric will be on display both days and an Escapade will be there on Saturday only. For more information on the show, just use this link or contact Don Clark directly at (248) 396-9643.

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