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Questions about Options

Thursday, December 8th, 2011

Nauticraft often gets asked about what is “needed” as far as options go, and we’ll be taking a look at those over the next few months.

Relating to the Christmas gifts which are being offered, customers ask if they need a Storage Cradle to store the boats on while out of the water.  The Storage Cradle was designed specifically for the Escapade pedal boat to accommodate the deep narrow keel of the boat.  The Escapade can’t sit on its keel as many flat bottom boats do, so when taken out of the water it lays on its side which may over time affect the shape of the hull.  The storage cradle is designed to fit the keel and also to hold the “belly” of the boat while keeping the boat upright.  It is also very useful during shipping, as supports are needed to keep the boat upright during the shipping process.  The Encore models do not need any sort of a storage cradle as it will set on the double keels and the bow of the boat without issues.

One thing about using a storage cradle is the challenge of getting the boat onto it.  The Escapade weights about 325 lbs, and is awkward to lift even with 4 people doing so.   Using a pulley system is a good bet when lifting the boat up onto the cradle.  For more specific instructions or for questions you may have contact Nauticraft directly at the factory.

Waterbug- one of the 5 most amazing pedal boats

Tuesday, October 25th, 2011

The Waterbug by Hoyt Harken is included in this narrative on the “Most amazing pedal boats” and we found it was not quite as accurate as it probably should be.  The Waterbug is no longer in production as it’s original design and hasn’t been since the late 1980′s.  The mold and tooling are safely tucked away as they have been since that time.  The Waterbug hull was made of fiberglass and not the rotationally molded plastic as noted in this article.  Production of the Mallard, which was the ‘sister’ of the Waterbug, was also discontinued prior to 1995, but the license for it was purchased by Curt Chambers owner of Nauticraft.  It was redesigned to be produced using polyethylene in a rotational molding process instead of using fiberglass, and renamed the Escapade.  The Escapade has been produced by Nauticraft since it’s inception in 1996 and is still in production yet today.


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